Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The past 10 days have been very special and something I will always cherish. We were able to fly our daughter home from San Francisco for a much needed break from school and visit with family and friends. She has been attending college full time, working and staying up until all hours of the morning studying. Needless to say, she couldn't wait to get home and we couldn't wait to have her home!

She and I have always wanted to create a project together. I was thrilled to learn that she had been designing something very special for me...A beautiful digital doll stamp! I watched as she sat at her computer drawing each little detail, from clothing to make up. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to create my first layout with my very own stamp. Her name is Sage!

I chose Marion Smith's new digital printable line, Scarlet! The butterfly patterned background held a special meaning for me, as the butterfly is the symbol for Lupus. The past few weeks have been met with several complications, as a result I decided to title my layout, "Courage!"

You can order Marion's new collection at
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Tonya Gibbs - Psycho Mom said...

What an awesome memory you shared with your daughter. I know you are very proud. I love it when my daughter draws things for me. I'm so happy you married the image she created with Marion's papers. What a gorgeous combo. Thanks for tagging me in the post. I just subbed.

Cher said...

Thanks so much, Tonya! We really had a wonderful time together. She loved Marion's collection as much as I did! I know you also have a very special relationship with your daughter. I remember seeing the video of her theatre performance. She's a beautiful girl and so talented! We are truly blessed!!!

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